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Tebby WT Ramasike, a name that resonates in the world of contemporary dance with unparalleled strength and originality. Choreographer, dancer, teacher, educator, dance researcher, butoh practitioner, and South African cultural activist, Tebby is an emblematic figure who has left his mark on the international artistic landscape since his arrival in Europe in 1995.

Born in South Africa, Tebby began his career working with various theater and dance companies, both in his native country and abroad. His passion for dance and his incessant desire to discover new forms of expression have led him to travel extensively, collaborating with world-renowned choreographers and teachers. These experiences enriched his artistic vision, allowing him to develop a unique style that merges African cultural influences with contemporary dance techniques.

In 1999, he founded the TeBogO Dance Ensemble (TBO), later renamed TeBogO Dance – TBO. Under his leadership, the company quickly gained notoriety, being invited to perform and teach throughout Europe and beyond. Tebby's artistic vision, combined with his commitment to education and the transmission of dance, has made TBO a major player on the international contemporary dance scene.

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As a member of the World Dance Alliance Europe and the UNESCO International Dance Council (IDC), Tebby continues to play an influential role in the world of dance. His work is not limited to performance and teaching; he also co-authored an article on “Reverie” for the “Collaboration” chapter of the book “Inventing Futures,” highlighting his interest in research and innovation in the field of dance.

Currently, Tebby is dedicated to an interactive multidisciplinary cross-collaborative project, while continuing her research on her concept of Afro-Buto, a fusion between African traditions and Japanese Butoh dance. His artistic approach, both anchored in his African roots and open to the world, makes him a unique artist and a source of inspiration for dancers and choreographers around the world.

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