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Method registered INPI (2017): “CHRONOLOGY OF MOVEMENT gentle gym Sylviane Nicolazzo” taught since 2000

To whom is the chronology of the movement addressed?

Target audience
All professions with repetitive movements and sedentary position: - people who are on a computer all day long:

  • waiters, hairdressers, physiotherapists, osteos
  • dancers, musicians, singers (preparation for the stage, see private lessons)
  • high-level athletes (preparation for competitions, see private lessons)

The important thing is not the goal, the finality (movement for movement) but the means and the way of the awakened organic progression to realize the movement.

Floor bar – Contemporary

Principles of Movement Timeline

  • Technique of flexibility on the ground, allowing by gentle gym exercises to expand one's potential, to acquire joint ease and well-being in movement.
  • Tone, restructure your body image and manage your stress.
  • Mindful work.
  • Movement guided by directions and not by voluntary and compensating forces.

Orderly structural and functional biomechanical sequences, respecting the progressive and natural movement of the biological system.

Contemporary floor bar lessons for all levels

Private lessons by appointment

  • Form of sensory rehabilitation through proprioception, a method that accompanies medical and paramedical actions (physio, osteo).
  • Support during a neurodegenerative disease
  • Postoperative follow-up, reduced mobility
  • Mobility recovery: hip, sprain, fracture…
  • Preventive: osteoarthritis
  • Develop and perfect the ease and the 'without pain' thanks to the realization of the techniques of dance, song and music and sports
  • Well-being of daily actions

Floor bar – Contemporary

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