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From teacher to student, but also between students working in small groups. “Getting your voice out is making it heard by others”.
Starting from the principle that the vocal cords are muscles that must be trained, we vocalize, we push our exhalation by bending the buttocks on the heels. In flexibility, it's not a gym class! »
The sound amplifies, the emotion rises to the joy of singing. On all registers! fun: a shy little girl dares Liza Minelli's ambitious “NewYork-NewYork”; a young man discovers after several months an authentic high voice against and prepares the conservatory.


International Varieties & Vocal Technique

Selima fishing

Here we dance, but we also sing.
Especially with the sparkling Selima Al khalaf
writes the newspaper Marie Claire ».

Student of the Circus School Annie Fratellini, and of Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris (CNSMDP), Selima discovered that the voice can become a great tool for self-assurance. This is what she passes on to her students today. Doubly trained at the School of showbiz and the conservatory, Selima escapes from the lyric, too narrow for her taste, to favor a kind of sublimated cry. Very dense, Selima's course revolves around giving and receiving.

Learning to sing is a gift to yourself!

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