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New Style Hip Hop

KREES was born in Djibouti in 1986 to a French father and an Ethiopian mother. It was at the age of 15 and living in Martinique that he discovered and learned hip-hop dance and in particular popping.
He will then see his style evolve so that 5 years later he specializes in Newstyle hip-hop.

Initially attracted by freestyle, he participated in many dance battles (competitions), in the meantime he joined the groups FORZESOUND (icee) and SECTION C (francis mbida, paul ereck, physs).

He also teaches and transmits his passion by regularly giving lessons since 2010.

With his experience and training, he has won many battles since 2011, and decided to start a professional career in early 2012.

New style hip-hop classes for all levels with Krees SAMA

Course focused on the foundations, groove, technique, Hip hop energy and precision.

  • Krees Sama “Breath” dance demonstration

New Style Hip-Hop

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