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Parisian Cabaret | Pilates

Trained in dance in San Sebastian under the Spanish sun, it was first in classical dance that she took her first steps. For two summers, she had the opportunity to learn and appear on stage with the Jeune Ballet Biarritz.

It is then towards the musical that his path goes alongside the company Gaztetxo Antzerki Eskola. She danced at Portaventura and Disneyland Resort Paris then collaborated with the company Elodi Tirard and Cirque Conelli.
Thanks to these many experiences, she gradually brings to light a wide variety of choreographic techniques and develops a very varied approach to movement.


Passionate about transmission and turned towards the other, she is interested, in parallel with her career as a dancer, in social work with children and disadvantaged young people.

For several years, she worked as a volunteer specialist educator and was trained as a Montessori Assistant, notably leading body awareness workshops in bilingual French Spanish at the Montessori La Baleine school in Paris.

She has worked since 2008 at the Crazy Horse Paris, with which she has performed from Las Vegas to Macao via the Bahamas, Luxembourg, Poland and Tahiti. She has held the position of captain of the dancers in this emblematic cabaret since 2017.

Her first love remained classical dance, for which she obtained a State teacher's diploma from the Center Universel Goubé in Paris. Teacher for young pre-professional dancers from the International Dance Academy as well as amateurs, she offers regular classes or workshops for all ages, from 4-year-old children to adults. Her teaching palette ranges from classical dance to cabaret and choreographic design, inspired by the many international teachers she has had: Wayne Byars, Maria de Avila, …
Always in search of openness and the best tools for her approach to movement, she is now trained as a Pilates instructor.


How does a Parisian cabaret class with Patricia Vigorosa work?

warming up : it takes place on a flat foot, in socks, slippers or barefoot, and
aims to prepare the body for dancing. Little by little, the muscles warm up and the body prepares for the particular attitudes of the cabaret.

work in heels : study of steps, work on positioning the body and supports, swaying techniques.

choreography : work on memory and concentration, musicality, development of
interpretation, possible use of props (feathers, chair, cane, hat),
study of the repertoire (musical comedy, Bob Fosse, year 20, Films Burlesque, Moulin Rouge…)

Parisian cabaret and pilates classes for all levels

Parisian Cabaret

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