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Flamenco guitar

Founder of the ATIKA Association, Pascal trained in flamenco guitar with renowned teachers such as Pascual de Lorca, José Antonio Rodriguez and Manolo Franco. He teaches and performs with the Atika company, of which he has been the musical director since 2001, at concerts and festivals mainly in Paris (Carreau du Temple, flamenco festival at La Villette, etc.)

Conclusion comprehensive and methodical teaching flamenco is appreciated by his many students in Paris.

In addition, great artists call upon Pascal Gaubert for his qualities as an accompanist during shows or workshops such as the Grand Master of Seville Manolo Marin, Angelita Gomez, Carmen Ledesma, Fuensanta La Moneta or Olga Pericet...

Also concert performer he performs with renowned singers such as "Paco El Lobo", the singer Jerezano Ezequiel Benitez, the singer from Seville "Inma la Carbonera" and also in a guitar duo with Jean-Baptiste Marino.

Flamenco guitar lessons with Pascal Gaubert

Flamenco is an art of oral tradition, PASCAL GAUBERT offers a progressive approach based on listening and favored by the exchange between participants in the group lessons in a friendly atmosphere.

The educational content of his courses consists of a musical, technical and rhythmic study of the flamenco guitar in its role as a solo instrument as well as an accompaniment to song and dance. Scores in tablatures and summary videos of the course are provided at each session as support documents for personal study.

The lessons are divided into 2 levels at the rate of one hour per week and per group of 6 people in the Rossini room:

  • Intermediate on Friday evening from 18 p.m. to 19 p.m.; for guitarists who have already practiced Flamenco
  • Beginning on Friday evening from 19 p.m. to 20 p.m.; to learn Flamenco already having a basic guitar knowledge such as the knowledge of the main chords

Interview with Pascal Gaubert – YouTube video


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