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North American vocal technique/modern technique (anatomy).

Voice placement; stance; breathing; correctness; vocal flexibility; projection. Interpretation, scenic "coaching", homogenization of registers but also preparation and vocal reinforcement for any professional having to speak in public such as: teachers, sales representatives, senior executives...

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Soul and Pop Singing | Vocal Coach

Passionate about music since childhood, it is with joy that Nancy Carroll has been transmitting her knowledge of singing for 20 years to young people and adults alike.

Nancy Carroll works with both professionals and amateurs on various projects, such as preparing for auditions, preparing for a recording or concerts.

Thanks to her knowledge of current music and voice anatomy, she is also able to guide them in different musical styles (pop, jazz, rock, r'n'b, musical, soul, gospel, blues, French song , folk).

Curious and communicative, she likes to see her students progress at the technical level in an efficient and sustainable way. In addition, his approach aims to develop their interpretive skills, their musical knowledge and their creative spirit. Nancy likes above all to listen to singers, in order to find what will help them to have a better mastery of the vocal gesture. The important thing for her is to help them develop their voice in a free and healthy way.

 Biography of Nancy CARROLL

Originally from Montreal in Canada. A graduate of Cégep Marie-Victorin in classical music and a diploma from the University of Montreal in pop singing and jazz, Nancy Carroll has also worked on various projects as a performer or chorister. She has participated in many shows in Canada and the United States.

Thanks to her studies and her experience as a professional singer, she has been transmitting her passion and knowledge as a singing teacher for more than fifteen years. It was within the IDVIM (Integral Vocal Development Institute of Montreal) and thanks to her meeting with Marcin Brezinski (recognized for his research in vocal technique) that she became passionate about vocal pedagogy. This meeting will be decisive for her, because it is with him that she will be able to perfect her knowledge and thus help several singers to reach their full potential. Since then, she continues to learn about modern techniques… Improvisation course with Rhiannon, Hawaii US. Clinic on the TVS method with Robert Lunte, Seattle, US. Intensive TCM technique course with Allan Wright, Paris.

Soul and Pop vocals

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