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Street Jazz Heels

In 2002, during her first audition, Nadine joined the very closed circle of choreographer Kamel Ouali, with whom she spent years on TV shows, musicals and accompanied renowned artists such as Mariah Carey, David Guetta, Jennyfer, etc. .

She is perfecting her technique and her professional experience alongside other great choreographers and artists: Stéphane Jarny, Hakim Ghorab and Matt Pokora (on his MYWAYTOUR tour) who will make her an outstanding dancer.

>Lately, Nadine danced in a Parisian Cabaret staged and directed by Manon Savary, Marc Zaffuto and Emmanuel Dorazio and also assisted Kamel Ouali for the Paradis Latin auditions.

Street heels classes for all levels with Nadine TIMAS

The street heels style reconciles commercial dances (street jazz and hip-hop) with heels!
The goal is to execute choreographies of various styles and commercials while respecting the elegant outfit of the body which is necessary when dancing in heels.
The course focuses on the development of women and on gaining self-confidence.
The heels are necessary for the progress of the student but not essential. Sneakers are of course allowed.

Street Heels

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