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  • The “Roger Rabbit” dance move to Finesse by Bruno Mars
  • The “Reebook” dance move to Crazy in Love by Beyonce
  • The “Happy Feet” dance move to Lemon by NERD ft Rihanna
  • The “Harlem Shake” dance move
  • The “Monastery” dance move
  • The “Butterfly” dance move
  • “The Chicken” dance move

Raggae Dance Hall | Funk Jazz Hip-Hop | hip hop

Self-taught dancer, both performer and choreographer, state-certified Mickaël Bilionnière is inspired by different hip hop influences to create your own style.

Member of the "Franck II Louise" company, founder of one of the first break dance groups "Paris city breakers" and famous for his avant-garde work originality combining hip hop with contemporary, he participates in his creations “DROP IT” and “CONNECTING SOULS”. Press on a scenic route rich in encounters : “breakin´ convention” JEFF MILLS, TONY N GUY, Tour with the ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS, BATTLE OF THE YEAR, Suresnes Cité Danse festival, the Eurockéennes de Belfort, “Juste pour rire” (Canada) Festival, he has also worked with artists like BLANCA LI, BOB SINCLAR, SHALYA, GUEM, CAROLINE COSTA, TAL, KURTIS BLOW…

He then devoted himself to pedagogical training within the Choreia school as well as teaching the various hip hop disciplines in prestigious Parisian schools such as the Center de Danse du Marais, and choreographed the imposed hip hop variation (2012 – 2013 – 2014) for the national preparatory tests of the CND (National Dance Confederation).

He also leads international courses in France, in Voiron, and in Europe. He also participates as a member of the jury in national and regional CND events. Still anxious to develop and transmit his vision of hip hop, he continued his career with his students and young artists from the French scene.

Recently he made some television appearances like TF1, D8, KID 20, as well as internships in Corsica for the Center Nationale de Danse.

Website: http://www.cours-hip-hop.fr/index.php

E-Mail: info@cours-hip-hop.fr

Phone: (+ 33) 6 72 42 06 85

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  • Caroline Costa and Michael Bilionniere
  • Interview Rmc at the Marais Dance Center
  • France 3 with the students of Mickael Bilionniere
  • Ragga DanceHall Professor Mickael Bilionniere
  • Hip-Hop children/teens choreography performed by the dance teacher

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