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Classes resume on Tuesday January 16, 2024

Colombian Salsa

Cali salsa was born in Cali, a veritable breeding ground for good, motivated, lively and tireless dancers. A mixture of Pachanga, Boogaloo, Mambo, Currulao, Cumbia and in some cases, we find steps belonging to other dances of Colombian folklore such as Mapalé and Joropo, the salsa de Cali "el baile caleño ". Today, salsa schools are growing and multiplying in Cali. The salsodromo, the equivalent of the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, sees the best salsa schools in Cali parade every year. Colombian salsa is gaining momentum around the world and is rewarded every year.

Lessons for all levels, teenagers and adults

Salsa “Caleña” is invigorating. It accentuates the movement of the legs, particularly the knees down, and the tips of the feet. There is subtle movement of the hips, torso and shoulders. We sometimes encounter small jumps, series of small steps, slides, vibrations, swings and circular movements. It also incorporates figures or quick turns with the arms. They are performed at the same time as foot movements, usually with surprising liveliness! The Salseros de Cali (Los Caleños) introduce syncopated rhythm into body movement, thus recreating rhythmic time and accentuating musical "cuts" (breaks): it is therefore fundamental for Caleños to practice listening to music so that the body becomes impregnated with the rhythm and melody of certain instruments. To each musical time correspond steps, turns, dives (tips of the feet and heels which mark the time on the ground) as well as "discharges" (moments of creation in the moment). Although it is defined, the Caleño style is open: it has the quality of integrating other styles that enrich and transform it while infusing it with its own identity: Salsa de Cali has no other limits than dancing in rhythm, with the heart and above all through improvisation.

  • Basic step demonstration by Maritza Arizala
  • Adult lessons by Maritza Arizala at the Quai de la Seine

Salsa – Colombian

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