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Pop and Variety Singing

Lydie Diaz graduated from the National Federation of Music of Jazz Influence and Current Music (Certificate FNEIJMA). She studied jazz at the conservatory of Aix-en-Provence et alProfessional Music Institute of Salon-de-Provence (IMFP). She studied voice, piano, harmony, composition and arrangement. She also practiced the study of electronic music by following the electroacoustic class of the Marseille Regional Conservatory. She also completed her musical studies at the EDIM (School which is part of the National Federation of Jazz Influence Music and Current Music).

In parallel with her training as a musician, she studied thea classical dance from South India in Marseilles and then in India. Then she followed preparatory classes for the Jazz Dance EAT au Living Arts Center in Paris. Since 2000, it has nourished its pedagogy with elements of complementary disciplines such as the theater and the Feldenkrais of which she took many courses and internships.

She has been teaching singing since 1997, then she founded her singing lesson “sivouschantiez”. She has been working at the Marais Dance Center since 2004 and has taught at Musiques Tangentes (School which is part of the National Federation of Jazz and Current Music Influence Music). She was a member of the jury in the pre-casting of the program "Attention ladies and gentlemen" (M6) to select candidates in Marseille, Toulouse and Paris. A creative activity is added to her teaching activity. She is indeed songwriter and was the interpreter of his own repertoire in the show Jadhe l'Étrangère, a mix of song and dance (Théâtres Bompard, Toursky and Mazenod in Marseille, Francophone Festival in Salon-de-Provence). This project resulted in two CDs. In the quartet Jadhe and Ged, she intervened regularly as singer pianist in a repertoire of variety, pop, Brazilian and jazz (Le Cargo, Hôtel Concorde, etc., in Marseille). One of his titles (co-written) appears on the compilation CD Kookaï 2004.

Pop and variety singing lessons for beginners

Group singing lessons at the Center de Danse du Marais last two hours. They are aimed at beginners and all those who need to acquire the basics of vocal technique and interpretation to improve their vocal abilities and their stage performances.

The collective singing course allows you to discover singing within a group while learning to sing individually, accompanied on the piano or with karaoke. The small group of students progresses throughout the year until they are able to sing individually in front of an audience at the end of year concert which takes place in June.

The group allows you to become familiar with vocal performance in public in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The singing course is based on a progressive and playful pedagogy which allows to approach all aspects of vocal technique and interpretation in all styles of French and international music repertoire.

Vocal technique is discussed at the start of the year because it is intended to facilitate interpretation: breathing, placement of the voice, articulation, projection, work on vowels and the role of consonants. After the technical exercises, the student is accompanied on the piano or by karaoke, on the songs he has worked on. Then, during the course of the year, interpretation and scenic expression are addressed, with work on the expression of emotions, gestures and stage movement. At the end of the year, a show allows students to perform in public.

Pop and Variety Singing

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