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SOPHROLOGIST and YIN YOGA teacher, Lou combines these two techniques to allow you to develop a peaceful mind in a relaxed body. During the session, you move towards a physical and mental letting go, to better regenerate yourself afterwards.

Two techniques that combine body and mind:

  • Le YOGA helps you relax your body (and let go of your thoughts) through postures, most often lying down, held for a few minutes each. You stretch and relax your tissues in depth. Thanks to the variations offered, the postures adapt to everyone.
  • La SOPHROLOGY invites you to listen to your emotions, your thoughts, your physical sensations with kindness and without judgment. You are then able to let go of what is incidental, to pay attention to what is important, to sort out the things that depend on you or not, to take action or on the contrary let go, according to your needs. .

Sophrology – Relaxation

The guiding principle of Lou Colas’ journey is “THE HUMAN”

Lou is now a sophrologist and personal development coach. His professional life began in the United States in import-export, then in intercultural work with people of very diverse cultures and origins. Human relations being very important to her, Lou naturally trained more than 10 years ago in the transmission of tools to flourish and perform in her daily life.

His training:

  • Sophrology (graduate of the IFS and member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie)
  • Self-hypnosis (Arche Training)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (Repère Institute)
  • Practicing yoga and Qigong for over 20 years.

Course of a sophrology course with Lou Colas

  •  DEEP RELAXATION thanks to breathing exercises (break from the rhythm of the day, calm your mind).
  • GENTLE MOVEMENTS yoga and sophrology (become aware of your state; open up; ground yourself; align your thoughts, values, actions).
  • VISUALIZATION, MEDITATION guided (feed on positivity, gain energy, confidence, etc.)

Sophrology – Relaxation

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