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Classic dance

Laurence GEBERT started dancing at the same time as school, at 5 years.

She learned to dance Conservatory of Wood Pavilions from 1978 to 1993. She worked there with Monique FINKEL, Nina TIKANOVA, Katia CRESPEAU, Mercédès MITERNIQUE. She completed her artistic studies there by obtaining the Superior level of the FNUCMU.

Then she worked at Janine Stanlowa Institute of Dance to obtain a DE in classical dance.

From then on, she never stopped working in the artistic world (theater, cabaret, TV, cinema, etc.).

Then the desire came to her to teach… For several years, she was the replacement for Katalin CSARNOY, teacher at the Center de Danse du Marais. Today, she also gives private lessons to amateurs and professionals alike.

Since September 2009, she has also created a Cabaret dance association, where she gives Cabaret lessons, Fit'Cabaret lessons, and French Country and Celtic Dance lessons: the association " Mistinguettes ».

Lessons for beginners and intermediate levels

Rediscover classical dance

Laurence Gébert wishes to share her passion for classical dance and performance with as many people as possible!

She wants to develop this innovative concept, with new classical dance lessons. The goal is to succeed in opening people up to the wonderful world of performance, to bring together all the arts and all ages on stage.

Laurence Gébert uses progressive teaching methods suitable for all ages. She has gathered all the qualities required to transmit her knowledge, her experience and her passion for the show.

In Laurence's classical class, you will therefore learn the technical steps used in classical dance. But you will work on them in a very thorough way…

Have you always loved classical dance, but never dared to take the plunge? Then run to Laurence Gébert! You'll work on it while having fun.

beginners :
– get started in the best possible conditions.

More advanced :
– overcome technical difficulties through in-depth work.
– Develop artistic abilities.

Adapted and personalized teaching.


Classic dance

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