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Courses co-facilitated with Melinda Marone

2015 – Show “Dialogue with a pianist”. Duo by Laura Garby and Nicole Haring with pianist Alexandre Bodak.

2011 – “Chopin Recital” show. Duo with pianist Sylvie Jolibois.

Free Dance (Malkovsky)

Dancer performs in the kôré company that she co-created in 2011 as well as in projects combining art history and dance (“choreographed ballads” in Lyon).

Laura Garby has been teaching dance since 2002 in Spain and France more specifically in the current of free dance according to the method of the dancer Malkovsky.

A graduate of the DESU in dance and somatic education (Paris 8 University), she raises the question of the uses of dance and audiences in various artistic collaborations combining photography and literature.

Free dance classes for all levels

Malkovsky Free Dance

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