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Bachata | Puerto Rican Salsa

Christophe IGOR has been a partner dance teacher at the Center de danse du Marais since 1990.

AMDF graduate, he gradually specialized in salsa by creating Latinamor.

He is trained on the 1 in Los Angeles by Alex Da Silva, Laura Canelias and Oscar Ramirez, and on the 2 in New York by Eddy Torres.

 His assistant, Valérie Steiner, joined Latinamor in 2003, trained in Puerto Rican salsa by Christophe and, at the same time, a kizomba and Latin pop dance teacher.

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Puerto Rican salsa lessons for beginners and intermediate levels

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Discover bachata fusion lessons for all levels

I suggest you start dancing bachata without specifying a style, that is to say that you will learn to dance to different music and there may very well be more passes (modern bachata), more styles and body waves (bachata sensual) or more small steps in music (Dominican bachata) so you can adapt to the music when you go to Parisian “bachata” evenings!


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