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Afro-jazz dance

Kathy Manyongo is a researcher. She tries through different artistic paths to find and renew your dance experience each time which sounds like a personal fight that she likes to share.

She does not hesitate to explore since many years other territories such as: le theatre, singing or percussion through various experiences: Do Kamissa and Identites by Pier Noumbey, Fusion Création (collective); inasmuch as dancer: Hééé Mariamou by Maimouna Coulibaly, Kirikou by Michel Ocelot, the Egg and the Stone or the poetry of the shared gesture… (duet with guitarist Denis Janody); inasmuch as actress-dancer : Drum call by Bernard Voytier; inasmuch as percussionist and singer : Backing vocals for singers Ousmane Danedjo and Borrina Mapaka, review leader in the "Barouf"!

Afro-jazz dance classes for all levels with Kathy MANYONGO

Without forgetting of course, solid years of apprenticeship and dance training with teachers of choice: Eneida and Nilton Castro in Afro-Brazilian, Mohamed Ahamada and Véronique Malbequi in Contemporary Dance, Cora in African dance, and Irène Tassembedo in Contemporary Afro.

She lives her journey like a mosaic that never stops building...

The students of Kathy Manyongo – AfroJazz – “The Warriors of Joy” Cirque Hiver – June 27, 2015

Afro-jazz dance

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