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Juana AMAYA - Flamenco Teacher - Marais Dance Center

Juana Amaya, born into a gypsy family of artists in Moron de La Frontera in Andalusia. She is the granddaughter of Francisca Amaya and the cousin of Paco Del Gastor.

In 1981, with her partner Ramôn Barull, she won the “Por Bulérias” prize in her hometown. The following year she presented her show “El nuevo Compas” at the Seville Bienal where it was a great success.

She was 14 years old when the famous dancer and choreographer, Mario Maya, hired her in his company to make her his partner in the shows “Ay Jondo” and “El Amargo”, during this collaboration which lasted several years, she traveled the world entire, in the most prestigious theaters.

From 1989 to 1994, she danced and toured with the company “Cumbre Flamenca”, while also dancing in 1991 in the famous show “Estrellas de la Bienal”.

In 1993, she shared the stage with Joaquín Cortes, Antonio Canales and the pianist Arturo Pavòn! In 1996, Salvador Tavora offered him the leading role in the work Carmen!

In 1997, she participated in José Heredia Maya's oratorio “Un gitano de Ley”, in which she played Teresa. Her strength and passion for dance, her admiration for the legendary Carmen Amaya, make her a prodigal dancer in the expression of gypsy dance.

Today, she founded the Juana Amaya school, in Seville, where students come from all over the world, and where she teaches her technique and art. She is on the bill at all the biggest flamenco festivals in the world and is one of the greatest female figures in flamenco dance of this generation!

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