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Jean-Pierre Chandler, self-taught dancer and choreographer who, during his career, trained in the various professions of artistic production and production.

Jean-Pierre Chandler began his career as a dancer in 1991, and in 1994 became European vice-champion of hip hop dance. He then took part in numerous festivals (Rencontres de la Villette), tours (James Brown), musicals (Les Dix Commandements), music videos (MC Solaar, Alliance Ethnik, etc.), television productions (DANCE WITH THE STARS). From 2001, he gradually embraced the career of Producer, Choreographer and Consultant to many artists. In 2007, he staged "Apocalypse", a daring show that combines the choreographic power of two urban dances: flamenco and hip hop. Since 2008, he has been in charge of the production of the International Hip Hop Championship at the Casino de Paris.

Alongside this itinerary, JP Chandler honed his taste for fashion. He was successively in charge of the choreography of parades for major brands in the sector (Dior, DDP, Princesse Tam-Tam) and was entrusted with the choreography of the Caftan parades in Marrakech.

In 2015, during the implementation of the first edition of BEWOMEN at the Saint-Germain Theater in Paris, JP Chandler was able to forge links between the worlds of dance and fashion. Indeed, the concept at the heart of the project was the design of a Haute Couture Fashion Show, Choreographed. The Haute Couture brands and designers Charlotte Mullor, Etienne Jeanson, Panthéone and Quentin Véron thus presented their works in an illustrative atmosphere of the world of dance, while the godmothers were both from the world of Fashion: Marion Agouridas, Visual Merchandising Manager for Elie Saab Haute Couture and Nathalie Rozborski, International Fashion and Beauty Consulting Director for the Nelly Rodi agency.

In 2017, the year of the consecration, Jean Pierre CHANDLER signs as artistic director and choreographer the visuals for the Fashion week F/W 2017/2018 of the famous haute couture brand CESARE PACCIOTI on the Place Vendôme. He reiterates his prestigious collaborations with Mr KARL LAGERLFELD and Model Co in a larger dimension for the show of designer KARL LAGERFEL “KISS ME KARL”, on this same mythical place.

JP Chandler confirms its undeniable affection for fashion by launching in 2017-2018, a line of “urban-casual-chic” men’s and women’s clothing, the Life-Style collection, timeless and trendy, under its own brand: CCC CHNDLR CREATIVE CLOTHES. This is the first collection of its BEWO#?MEN concept show.


Phone: (+ 33) 6 13 87 36 57

Description of the courses for adults, teenagers & children


Jp chandler, coach and develops through this course, sensuality and reveals the power that women have to assert themselves through their sensuality. How the heel modifies the stature of a body, creating movement, turning a gait into a dance, and transforming the look and aura of a woman. With a target, a known personality that I invite in a playful chronicle.


Jp chandler develops the fundamentals of GROOVE, how to learn to create your style, to feel while having fun while being in the rigor that this discipline requires.
It initiates the fundamentals of the different styles of hiphop bases, OLD SCHOOL (POP, FUNKY FLOW, BOUGALOO, LOCK)   et NEW STYLE  have (KRUMP, BOUNCE, DOOGIE…) musical trend CHRIS BROWN & BUSTA RYMES , INSTRUMENTAL BATTLE
technique based on listening, letting go called free-style or improvisation and choreographic sequence and movement in space.


Originally from the Caribbean and rocked by music from King Stone Jamaica, Jp Chandler dispenses a STREET RAGGA DANCEHALL style and mixes his influences as a Hip Hop dancer, based on relaxation, relaxation, swinging supports, moving smoothly, listening to Afro, dancehall and hiphop musical culture point of anchoring the body in the ground, all this vibe dances in the groove that he teaches for all.


Street Jazz Beyonce Style Heels 

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Hip Hop Groove

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Street Ragga Hip-Hop

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