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In the teaching of Jeanne CHEVALIER, a trained opera singer, singing and breathing have a privileged place, in the search for “true singing” rather than “singing well”. Her Kundalini Yoga class is accessible to everyone, because she takes care to give special caring attention to everyone to offer a suitable practice.


The Wednesday class is from Wednesday March 20, 2024.

Kundalini Yoga classes for all levels with Jeanne CHEVALIER

Kundalini Yoga is a practice that is a little different from other types of Yoga. It is a real technology that uses movement, breathing and sound. Taught only since the 1970s, Kundalini Yoga is extremely popular in the United States and has been emerging strongly in France in recent years. Called by some "Original Yoga", Kundalini is an extremely complete dynamic discipline, which is particularly suitable for stressed people. It is very energizing, therefore particularly suitable for getting out of states of fatigue or exhaustion. A class is structured between dynamic postures, static postures, breathing techniques, mantras (chants), meditation and relaxation time.

Kundalini Yoga

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