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Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga teacher certified by the French Yoga Federation, Studio Gérard Arnaud, and Yoga Alliance USA.
After 5 years of studies at the Fine Arts and a DNSEP in Art in his pocket, Jean leaves to pursue a career in Paris as a video director and editor in a television group.
After 20 years, he decided to embark on the adventure of yoga, to intensify his practice and to train in Paris and India. He obtained his first certification in Vinyasa yoga under the teaching of Gérard Arnaud.

Vinyasa yoga classes for all levels with Jean TAMALET

Lessons are collective, private or in company and take place in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
During the class, you perform a series of postures synchronized with the breath, which causes a natural rise in body temperature, so toxins are eliminated and the work is done safely.
Vinyasa Yoga invites you to surf on breathing like a wave, carried by the “flow”, it offers you physical as well as mental well-being. While remaining attentive to your own physical limits at the moment, you emerge full of energy, relaxed, with the feeling of having worked in depth.
The session always ends with a moment of relaxation.

Vinyasa Yoga Pose

Vinyasa Yoga

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