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Balinese Vinyasa Yoga | Balinese Dance | E/A Ethno-Contemporary

Dancer and choreographer.

She was first graduated from the Center for Choreographic Research of Mexico, thenSchool of Indonesian Arts in Bali (for 3 years) and finally at National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris in Movement Analysis where she continued her choreographic research and also trained in contemporary, jazz and classical dance.

Ilse transmits her passion for dance thanks to her training and her experiences as a dancer in different styles from an early age.

She practiced and was trained in the Indonesian yoga school Seger Oger in Bali during his 3 years in Indonesia.

Balinese vinyasa yoga classes for all levels with Ilse PERALTA

The Balinese Vinyasa Yoga class has a duration of 1h30 (40 min. Indonesian yoga and 50 min. Balinese dance).

This course combines two complementary practices: Yoga and Dance. Not only being a performing art, Balinese dance is also a practice of concentration and breathing, an inner search, a crossbreeding of yoga, martial arts, dance and theatre.

It is this vision of Indonesian Art that Ilse transmits in her classes thanks to her training in Indonesia (Bali) for 3 years, which she then developed pedagogically with her experience and her training as a dancer in different styles, schools and conservatories from an early age.

Balinese Vinyasa Yoga

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Ethno-Contemporary (Children-Adolescents)

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