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Classic dance

Trained in classical dance by Yves Casati (from the Paris Opera), Frédéric Lazzarelli was a dancer in several companies (Karlsruhe Opera with Germinal Casado, National Ballet of Portugal, National Company of Mexico…).

He also led various dance workshops and taught classical dance at the school of mime Marcel Marceau.

Since 1986, Frédéric Lazzarelli has been teaching classical dance in Paris, at the Center de Danse du Marais.

All lessons are accompanied on the piano.

Classical dance lessons for all levels with Frédéric LAZZARELLI

Each lesson begins with an energetic barre, Frédéric Lazzarelli shows and explains the various exercises which he quickly follows in an established order in order to warm up and prepare the body for dancing.

The joy of living, humor and the sound of the piano punctuate his dynamic, dancing and technical classes.

Whatever the level (beginner, medium or advanced), place for the pleasure of dancing (too often forgotten in purely technical courses).

Beginner courses are aimed at everyone without any differentiation (age, sex, build, etc.). Leave apprehension, inhibition and complexes in the locker room. Here, everyone has the right to discover dance. The sustained rhythm of the classes quickly draws the most timid in its wake, the muscles are structured in good humor and sweat, the dance is light!

So, if you feel like putting on a pair of ballet slippers, don't hesitate, Frédéric invites amateurs who have never done dance to try a class. 2 beginner course levels: beginner 1 / beginner 2 (initiated).

Intermediate and advanced courses are aimed at all dancers, men and women, with a good classical base. Rhythmic and musical, they are more or less technical depending on the level. Pointe exercises for the girls (if they wish) and jumps for the boys, everyone will find something to suit them!

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Classic dance

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