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My classes are open to all ages.
Private lessons by appointment.


  • Dance lessons with Fatima Chekkor and Aziza De Torino.
  • Oriental Dance Competition with the students of Fatima Chekkor on May 13, 2012

Oriental dance

For how many years have you been practicing oriental dance?
For thirty years.

How did you find out about the DO?
It's part of my original culture, I was looking to discover it from the inside

After how many years of experience did you start teaching?
I was the third person to teach this Dance after Leila Haddad et Zaza Hassan. We were all three to participate in the creation of education in France.

Was there a particular click that pushed you to make oriental dance your job?
Yes, the trigger was my desire to develop this dance as an art in its own right, and not as an object of pleasure.

Is there a dancer that you particularly admire?
I don't have any in particular, I simply observe if they respect the rules of this dance which is codified like the other recognized ones.

Did those around you support you in your career choice?
No support, it was total disapproval.

Today how often do you train?
Now I prepare my lessons, and my choreographies, I do research to give originality and technique to my students through my so-called “Chekkorian” method 😀, I invite you to come and discover my lessons…

What was your best artistic encounter?
My best encounter is with my teacher Georges who trained me in the American method as they say the hard way 😀

Do you have any regrets about your journey?
None except for passing secrets on to people who actually misuse them.

Do you have any advice for people who would like to get into DO professionally?
The advice to give is to work hard, not to believe that in a few lessons you are able to dance or teach. It is important to note that the dancers are called upon only for entertainment and never for a real show.

What are your current or upcoming projects?
To continue to fight to make recognize the basic work necessary to raise this dance to the level of an Art, and consequently to transmit to the new generation which seems to me more respectful the basic techniques.

A rich and cosmopolitan dance

“Oriental dance is the art of moving your body to music and rhythms, combining beauty, flexibility and emotion. Serious work produces a magical result. It is a dance rich in the audacity of having dared to move away from traditions to join Art and become a universal dance, while respecting the varieties of existing styles from one country to another. It is a pleasant, multicultural, cosmopolitan dance, which gives it an abundant wealth of technicalities.” by Fatima CHEKKOR.

Oriental dance

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