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Evelyne BONNEAUD - Alexander & Pilates Technical Teacher - CDDM
Its training organization STOP-ATTITUDE is Qualiopi certified and also offers the possibility of training in the Alexander Technique ® via Afdas for dancers, musicians, actors, etc.



The quality certification was issued under the following category of action: TRAINING ACTIONS

Alexander Technique

«  if you come to untie your body, rebalance it and release tension, train you in postural balance, You are in the right place »

Evelyne Bonneaud had a professional apprenticeship which began with the medical field, her impetus for dance as a performer in the Hecate Company take him to explore differents dances, contemporary, classic, cathak...

Influenced and trained in free functional movement by the choreographer André Lepère who uses Rosalia's principles Chladek, ,she passes a state certificate in gymnastic expression and associated disciplines dance option (1991) to transmit free movement.

  • Eshe specializes  in Alexander Technique ® (2005) to help everyone in their coordination and untie the body towards an effortless posture.
  • Other Blood Pressure Regulation Techniques psycho-physical complements its expertise to respond holistically to your needs toward more control and ease.
  • A application through dance and Pilates as well as its Sunday workshops will meet your needs specific: https://evelyne-bonneaud.fr/cours/

Benefit from complete teaching of the Alexander Technique

Many teaching formulas are offered to you in the form of'a individual support, de trainings as well as course for all levels.

  1. Vocational training  “Postural and gestural balance via the Alexander Technique®” popening be financed via AFDAS for artists, musicians, actors, singers, athletes, communication professionals or any other public eligible for funding. The programme is indicated on the site: https://evelyne-bonneaud.fr/technique-alexander
  2. Cbear Alexander and dance fluidity and spirals from the body moving dance (Thursdays at 11 a.m.)
  3. Alexander and Pilates classes (Tuesdays at 19:30 p.m.)
  4. Alexander Technique Training Workshop  (one Sunday per month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.)
  5. Tailor-made psycho-physical support

Putting the Alexander Technique into practice: “Consciousness in movement” and “a session for two” by Evelyne Bonneaud

Alexander Technique

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Regular studentALBANAlexander class and dance fluidity and spirals of the body
“The Monday sessions are a very precious moment of reconnecting with my body, in depth and gently. Évelyne's very personal and very adjusted accompaniment makes it a complete pleasure: dancing without thinking about it, breathing more and taking your space without forcing it. Drop the notions of performance while seeking the quality of movement in its serene experimentation. An intimate made-to-measure that I adore”.
ActressODILEAFDAS training
“Evelyne Bonneaud, through her availability, her empathy, her skills and her ability to listen, guides us towards greater body awareness and gives us the means to act independently to obtain greater freedom of the body. As a teacher, it gives me another perspective and a finer attention to the students. As an artist, it gives me the means to work on stage presence”.
Professional pianistGILLES
“This allowed me to objectively and consciously “dominate” Chopin’s problem: long, calm, singing sentence. The complexity of his music consists of a simplicity of execution. As soon as difficulty takes precedence over ease, the sentence loses its naturalness. A physical sensation of ease arose from the simple act of maintaining an outward stoicism.”