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Gym n' Stretch | Classic dance

Elisabeth started dancing at the age of 4 with Nicole Dehaye, “donkey skin” choreographer. She tells her mother that she is talented, and that she must be enrolled at the Opera... “But she lives in Chartres, and is still little. So she returns to the conservatory.

Pierre DuVillard, dancer at the Paris Opera, lui will learn classical dance there for 10 years. After a 1st conservatory prize with congratulations from the jury, she left to study in Paris with other great teachers: Daniel Franck, Gilbert Meyer, Raymond Franchetti, Claudie Winzer but also Catherine Cordier as a contemporary, and many others.

She is currently training with Wayne Byars because for her, a good teacher is also a good student.

Dancer in classical and contemporary dance companies, she is interested in teaching later, when she decides to have a family life. To teach others is to make clear certain automatisms acquired with one's own practice. Elisabeth is constantly looking for a better image, a word better suited to express a movement, a bodily feeling, a dance.

“Pedagogy cannot be learned, it must be experienced throughout one's career as a teacher. Its role is above all to make bodies more available to all movements and expressions.”

Lessons for all levels with Elisabeth FABLE

Classic dance

This is a classical dance class, that is to say, academic dance, with a warm-up at the barre. This course is at a beginner level. We learn the BA-BA of classical dance. A true solfège for the dancer, classical dance is THE springboard for any other dance through its learning:

  • arm-leg and left-right coordination,
  • musical synchronization in binary or ternary rhythms,
  • location and movement in space,
  • no basis.

Gym & Stretch

This class is rather dynamic, it begins with half an hour of strengthening the abdominal muscles, legs, buttocks, arms, back... well all the muscle groups which are under the control of the will!! it reminds you of their good memories if you had forgotten them…. After this effort, it takes you to gentler efforts. You have half an hour of breathing, stretching, relaxation, everything you need to leave feeling relaxed and ready for your daily life. This course does not have a “level”; everyone follows according to their physical abilities.

Gym'n Stretch

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Classic dance

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