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Afro Cuban Dance

After having practiced African and Afro-Brazilian dances for a long time, Daniela discovered the world of Afro-Cuban music and dance during her first stay in Cuba, in 1985!

She will have the opportunity to work on dance and singing with great artists of the Afro-Cuban tradition.

Her research on Afro-Cuban music and dance, carried out in collaboration with the musician Roger Fixy, led to the creation of the group Iluyenkori, a folkloric troupe of “Afro-Cuban percussion, dances and songs. She is the lead voice in the three discographic productions of the group: “Cuban Percussion”, “Homage to Yemaya and Ochun” and “Métis Drum”

In 2009, she decided to bring together a female formation, TANA, to deliver a new, very personal and mixed version of her favorite repertoire: PATAKI, the Afro-Cuban legend.

Afro-Cuban Yoruba dance lessons for all levels with Daniela GIACONE

It is with the greatest respect for this culture that Daniela offers you a trip into the universe of the deities of the Yoruba pantheon, gods who borrow their character from man, but draw their strength from the elements of nature that they themselves embody: the earth, the wind, the oceans… good and its opposite.

Afro Cuban Dance

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