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Vinyasa Yoga | hatha-yoga

Christine Laurion has been passionate about Yoga since now more than twenty years. After an international career in communication, this Franco-Canadian followed in turn the teaching of Gérard Arnaud at the French Yoga Federation,a YogaWorks training based in the United States as well as that of Patrick Torre in the Institute of the Arts of the Voice.

Its dual culture, his unique approach to yoga lead him to teach at the Necker Hospital with nursing staff and sick children as well as at the Adep Mas Center with people with disabilities. Her classes and workshops for the general public take place in particular at the Center de Danse du Marais, the Center de Danse Alésia, and the Center Qee in Paris.

Christine is certified MBSR teacher (mindfulness-based stress reduction method developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn).

Yoga classes for all levels with Christine LAURION

My teaching aims to be holistic, broad and open. My classes are for everyone. Depending on your level and your needs, beginner or advanced, vinyasa or hatha yoga.

You will learn the correct alignment of the body, to communicate with your muscles and to harmonize the breath. The journey begins in awareness and continues through a series of postures and greetings; to savor, at the end of the lesson, a few moments of deep relaxation.

The objective is to transmit the inner vibration of the body, listening, awareness of what is, the beauty of feeling to achieve the correct and tailor-made posture!


When we begin to practice Yoga, whatever it is, we have an awareness. Of one's body, of breathing, of mind, of consciousness… of what one represents in relation to others, to the environment, to space – and to the universe in the broad sense.

Yoga teaches us to be aware of our inner space. (self, body / consciousness / unconsciousness) by working asanas (postures) pranayama (breath), guided meditation… and outer space (space / ether / the rest… light ).

Vinyasa Yoga

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