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Carolina DEHLOUZ, Dance Therapy Teacher

Dance classes resume in May 2024. Thank you for your understanding.

Dance Therapy

My name is Carolina Dehlouz. I am originally from the Philippines and a French national. I have a long experience in dance; after leaving my country as a cultural dancer, I took the path of my dream, jazz dance.

I was trained by Redha Benteifour at Studio Paris Centre in the early 90s. I continued my dance studies at the Dance Academy of London, took the Barre au sol course, was certified Teacherl at The City Literacy Collage London and RSA to Music.

I started teaching at Pineapple Dance Studio in Covent Garden and The Tabernacle in Notting Hill Gate, London. I then spent 2008 years training in jazz dance with Frank Hatchette at the Broadway Center in New York. I moved to Hong Kong and became a freelance jazz dance teacher for beginners and intermediate levels.

Back in France, I was fascinated by the “Dance Gaga” technique, the connection of body and mind with the rhythm of the music. I followed dance therapy training at Para La Salsa Paris. So it's not just a dance technique, but letting your body move to the music. It is a dance that liberates and brings well-being to the body and mind.

Take a “The Power of Dance&Therapy” class with Carolina Dehlouz

I accompany students by teaching the basics of dance to allow them to discover the potential of their bodies and help them express their emotions through movement.

  • Friendly and caring exchange around a talking circle.
  • Warming up, alignment and awakening of the body's muscles
  • Dynamic dance on anchoring
  • Emotional dance
  • Therapeutic exercises based on the chosen theme
  • Dance of release and letting go

Free your body and mind with Dance Therapy: personal development, muscle relaxation and stress relief await you in this initiatory journey to the rhythm of music!


Dance Therapy

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