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Piano Jazz

Bruno BARBER, Jazz pianist, teaches piano Jazz, Latin, Pop, Chanson Française and piano voice accompaniment for singers since 1983.

Trained with Jeff Gardner, Sammy Abenaim and Michel Sardaby, passionate about pedagogy, he has been teaching for thirty years, notably at ARPEJ and CIM. There he prepares young pianists for a professional course, leads Jazz workshops with rhythm section, blowers and singers, gives music theory and ear-opening lessons.

Also passionate about singing, since 2001, he has introduced many singers to the accompaniment of the singing voice as well as vocal improvisation, drawing inspiration from the scats of Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker etc, or by letting everyone give free rein to his creativity.

He has been performing on stage since 1983 with Marc Thomas (vocals, sax), Michel Gaudry (double bass), Claude Tissendier (sax), Olivier Ker Ourio (harmonicist), Elizabeth Kontomanou (vocals), Johnny Griffin (sax), Patrick Saussois (guitar), Francis Bourrec (sax ), Georges Brown (drums), Manda Djinn (vocals), Luigi Trussardi (double bass), Frank Foster (sax), Julie Monley (vocals), Annette Lowman (vocals) and many other musicians.

Phone: (+ 33) 6 51 14 38 46

Description of piano lessons

For Bruno Barbier, each student is unique. It always starts from everyone's desires, whatever they may be, to gradually lead the student towards sometimes unsuspected horizons.

He evaluates where the student is, his strong points, the points he could improve, and from this evaluation, he makes him evolve in a constructive way by highlighting his qualities.

The key idea is to take pleasure in taking your time, to take one step after another without rushing. It's the surest way to go deeper.

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