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Anne-Cécile FREYBURGER - Professor of Sophrology - Relaxation at the Marais Dance Center


Sophrology – Relaxation

My name is Anne-Cécile FREYBURGER and I am a sophrologist.

I have been a practitioner since 2020, after completing a 2-year training at CEAS in Paris. My specificity is the reconnection to the living, to nature and to the seasons.

Either physically when possible, or by evocation during guided meditations.

Nature is in perpetual renewal and changes its face with each season.

Man, who is part of it and evolves between Heaven and Earth, has today cut himself off from his natural cycles and lives above ground.

During sophrology sessions, I try to sow seeds and put practitioners back in tune with the universe, to find grounding, balance and harmony.

I provide group sessions, and I welcome people in individual sessions, in my office and outside.

Description of sophrology courses with Anne-Cécile Freybruger

Sophrology is an activity of well-being and release of unnecessary tensions. More exactly, it is a psycho-corporal method which acts and aims to renew the dialogue between the body, the emotions and the spirit.

A session combines breathing exercises, associated with contraction-relaxation movements of the body, and ends with a guided meditation, which aims to activate one's own resource capacities.

While standing, sitting or lying down.
As a sportsman cultivates his body, a meditator cultivates his mind.
For an optimal effect, as in any training, the most important thing is the repetition and the regularity of the practice.

What is sophrology used for?

The benefits of sophrology are numerous:

  • relaxation, relaxation
  • better stress management
  • increased attention, concentration
  • improved sleep
  • help with changing circumstances (mourning, divorce,
  • better management of emotions
  • improved self-confidence
  • mental preparation for an exam or event
  • helps with weight management.

How is the sophrology course going?

  • A session lasts 1 hour. individually for a targeted problem,
    or in a group (10 people max.) for more general themes.
  • No special equipment (floor mat only necessary if sitting in a lying position)
  • Dress casually, in socks or barefoot.

Sophrology – Relaxation

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