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The carioca funk class on Wednesday at 20:30 p.m. is full until December 2023. You can register on the waiting list by clicking here.

Dancer – Choreographer – Teacher

Alex Lima, born in Sao Paulo of Amerindian, African and European blood, has been living in Paris for eight years.

A constant search allows him to develop an original and inimitable style, internationally recognized, since he is regularly invited across the continents of the Old and the New - to transmit not only his learning techniques of the various dances he masters (Salsa, Gafieira, Samba Rock, Forrò, , …), but also his non-exclusive perception of the countries and cultures that practice them.

  • Regular group and private lessons in solo and couple Brazilian dances
  • Intensive courses and workshops of Salsa and Brazilian Dances.
  • Dances covered: samba no pé, funk carioca, samba de gafieira, forró, Lambazouk

Solo and couple Brazilian dance classes for all levels with Alex LIMA

It is therefore the creator of Salsa “Brazil Style”, a mix of Latin, Brazilian and urban dances.

Its "trademark" remains his incredible "footwork" and his incredible gift for musical interpretation.

Alex Lima's dream is to give dance back its emotional dimension, its sensuality, its musicality, by returning to its original social function of exchange between beings and an outlet for the miseries of everyday life.

His will is to let the soul and the heart of the dancers express themselves freely, by not refusing any influence, by subtly mixing styles and artistic and musical genres without denying their particularities or their originality.

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