The Marais Dance CenterSince 1970

At no. 41 rue du Temple, in the heart of the Parisian Marais, an address known beyond the borders, a porch leads the visitor into the paved courtyard of a historic XNUMXth century building, the Hôtel Berlize.

For nearly 50 years, a DANCE CENTER has been thrilling the neighborhood!
A city within a city lives to the rhythm of music and dance: never silent...

From 9 a.m. to 22 p.m. we dance there, we play there, we sing there!
It's a total experience in an unusual place!

Dance,without limitsOur passion

At the Marais Dance Center mingle without disturbing each other, dance and singing studios, theaters, restaurant.

In a perpetual movement, dancers of all levels and of all ages, experienced in Classical Dance or ready to travel, meet: African Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Salsa, Funk, Hip-Hop...

The Center is open to everyone with a real willingness to welcome people, of course, come to dance mais aussi pour the place, Music, the friends. Shakespeare, Goldoni and Molière also met there.

A hundred teachers teach near 70 subjects within 18 studios from the center where the voices of opera mingle with jazzy flights. Bodies breathe, relax and recharge.

The Marais Dance Center also houses a musical theater schoolChildren of the Musical. You can also discover various exhibitions and conferences on dance.

Attractive a French and international clientele, the Center radiates unparalleled strength and energy. The magic of the place works on everyone who enters this courtyard.

Dancer or simple walker thus share the soul of Marais Dance Center.

The soul of the dance is magnified by the splendor of this place; is it the meeting of architecture, 1580, and the creation in 1581 of the “Ballet comique de la Reine” by Beaujoyeulx, the first major date in the history of ballet?.Yves Casati,
Paris Opera dancer

A place,a storyCDDM

The history of this site begins in the XNUMXth century around 1580, when the parents of the Lord of Berlize buy land Peter and Bacon Street (an insignificant alley that never thought it would be the star of local chronicles in the XNUMXst century) to build a private mansion.

It becomes at nineteenth century a post office or rolling office with the sign of “the Auberge de l'Aigle d'Or". The escaped demolition in 1920, thanks to its listed facades, but aligned with rue du Plâtre, he is abandoned.

It then served as an annex to the Paris halls, alternately hangar, warehouse or workshop, treated without any consideration. The courtyard is covered with a frame that completely destroys its aesthetics.

He's sold by auction before World War II. The parents of the current owners acquire it but lose their lives in deportation. Their daughters then promise to restore it, in memory of their parents but also out of a taste for beautiful stones and a desire to restore to the community a prestigious element of our national heritage.

If the Center exists today, we owe it to the passion of Micheline Carrance, founder of the center. Antoine Carrance, his son, is today the director.

To early 70s, she opens the first room with a classical dance teacher.

Over the years, the dance center develops, eleven studios open, they are called Ravel, Offenbach, Berlioz, Lully, Chopin…

Today all the dances of the world are taught there with a level of requirement which has established and maintains its reputation.

Antoine Carrance,the director of the centerA word from the director

“I have the chance to run this magical place created in the early 70s by my mother Micheline Carrance, a pharmacist who became the founder and director of the Center de Danse du Marais. The choice then presented itself to me (the young biochemist in turn gives in to the sirens of dance to become its director).

Brought up in this culture since childhood, Pina Bausch and Maurice Béjart revealed what my life would be like. This unique place, under our two managements, has always gained notoriety. Yesterday's young dancers register their own daughters today for courses from prestigious teachers, not to say Masters. And the teachers, all generations combined, are references for students.

Here we we position ourselves as a bubbling of projects and a vector of links. Not content to see the curiosity of Parisians, admirers or strollers lost in the square courtyard, the vibrations sent by the Center de Danse du Marais leave, for my greatest pleasure, no one indifferent. »

Micheline Carrance,the founder of the CenterHis memory has endured since 17/09/2019

Micheline Charapanovsky Carrance, founder of the Center de Danse du Marais has passed away…
An exceptional woman in the world of the Arts.
His passion has become our daily life or how to make a dream possible and thumb your nose at fate. And since 1971, the Dance Center is the best proof of this.

Talent scout, avant-garde in his choices, a swarm of counter-current ideas to transform them into classics, to cultivate the art of precision in all its forms.

The love of Art, the love of Dance, the love of Life...

The pharaohs had their lives engraved on the walls of their pyramids so that they would not be forgotten, Micheline Carrrance will not need it...
It already lives on in the memory of those who have, if only once, crossed the doors of the Centre..

She brought the world together this family building, all ethnicities, ages and religions combined, united for once, so that at least within these walls we can believe in it…

For now our hearts, all our strength and all our support go out to Antoine, his son and all his family.

This is the end of a beautiful chapter, not the end of the book….