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Pedagogy Irène POPARD for teaching dance

Continue to train, to teach better!

The Irène POPARD National Association, under the direction of Jeannine LORCA, has offered since 2010 a continuing education course aimed at professionals in physical and artistic disciplines and mainly at dance teachers. This cycle is made up of 5 training sessions which lead to official certification, registered in the France Compétences Certification Directory.

✅ To receive the full program and apply, it's simple, just fill out the online form  https://irenepopard.page.link/demande-dossier or call directly at 06 56 80 64 00

✅Session dates: https://www.irene-popard.com/calendrier/

✅ 90% of participants find 100% financing thanks to professional training funds: https://www.irene-popard.com/financement/

✅ The choice is given to follow the training at the Marais Dance Center or follow the training 100% remotely.

Why train in Irène POPARD pedagogy?

  • You want to find a new breath
  • You feel less comfortable with a “children” audience
  • You want to develop your practice, expand your audience, intervene in a school environment.
  • You are looking for a new educational approach and tools that will allow you to adapt to all ages

✅ The Irène POPARD Method is used by hundreds of teachers, all generations and all styles: Modern'Jazz, Contemporary, Classical, Hip-hop, Latin dances... 

The Irène POPARD pedagogy: “No competition but the pleasure of doing things together”!

  • A pedagogy based on progressive teaching, adapted to each age group and also to each audience to which it is aimed.
  • A pedagogy perfectly consistent with the psychomotor development of the child and physical constraints of seniors.
  • A pedagogy which is aimed today at all physical activity teachers whatever their discipline.
  • A pedagogy that develops a close relationship between music and movement and allows correct body placement as well as muscle strengthening.
  • A pedagogy that combines learning and improvisation, valuing and stimulating each participant.

The pedagogy speakers Irène POPARD

Jeannine LORCA

Jeannine LORCA graduated from the State (Youth and Sport) in 1972 and from the Irène POPARD School in 1973. She taught at the Pierrefitte Conservatory (93) then at the SMJ in Saint-Denis. Then she opened her own school in Dreux (1987-2016).

She directed three Companies (1992-2009) and created evolving shows.

President of the Irène POPARD National Association since 2001, she set up the certification “Using the Irène POPARD Method and its pedagogy”. She now teaches at the Marais Dance Center, Paris 4th, from toddlers to seniors.


Patricia Quintana is a dance teacher graduated from the Irène POPARD method. State graduate in modern jazz dance since 1989. Scriptwriter and choreographer. Classical “floor barre” training with Jacqueline Fynnaert (Boris Kniaseff method), jazz with Rhéda and contemporary with Peter Goss.

Dance teacher at Indans'cité in Aubervilliers. Speaker in the Irène POPARD educational training since 2010.

Florence SIKORA 

Florence SIKORA is a graduate of the Irène POPARD Method and has been involved in the training of the Irène POPARD National Association since 2011. 

She started giving classes for seniors 12 years ago. She built a base of a few rules, within courses prepared according to the principles of the Irène POPARD method, intended to slow down, slow down, or even push back the physical limits that are generally attributed to the senior public.

Testimonials from Irène Popard training

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