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Musical comedy training in Paris for children aged 6-17, within the premises of the Center de Danse du Marais.

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Musical Theater Classes for Children in Paris at the Center de Danse du Marais

Discover the magical world of children's musicals at the Center de Danse du Marais in Paris. Our musical theater lessons offer a fun and enriching experience where children can express their creativity and develop their artistic talents.

Explore the World of Musical Comedy

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the musical and let your children explore dancing, singing and acting. Our classes allow children to develop their artistic skills while discovering fantastic stories and catchy songs.

Lessons Suitable for Children of All Ages

Whether your child is a beginner or already passionate about musical comedy, our courses are suitable for all levels. Our experienced teachers supervise the children with kindness and help them develop their self-confidence while perfecting their artistic talents.

A Fun and Educational Experience in Paris

At the Center de Danse du Marais, located in the heart of Paris, your children will have a fun and educational experience. They will have the opportunity to perform at performances, learn joyful choreography and bond with other passionate young artists.

Register Your Children Now for Musical Theater Lessons in Paris

Don't miss the opportunity to introduce your children to the art of musical comedy at the Center de Danse du Marais in Paris. Enroll them now for challenging lessons, continued artistic growth, and moments of joy and fulfillment.

Children of the Musical

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