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The first hour of the course is devoted to abdominal breathing techniques, a fundamental element in the practice of singing. In order to master his voice, it is necessary for the trainee to know how to breathe well and to have the breath to project the sounds. Under the direction of Armande Altaï, the work is done collectively through standing exercises and then on the floor. These exercises make trainees aware of the importance of diaphragmatic breathing which has a double effect, (1) better managing emotions and (2) knowing how to take support with the abdomen to better control one's voice. It is also the balance of the position of the body which is approached by these exercises.


Then, the work of diction is linked according to different rhythms in order to allow the trainees to realize the importance of the clarity of the text when one is an interpreter. Development of vowel sounds, specific work on consonants, sung and spoken examples.

Theatre/speaking/stage coaching

The first hour of class ends with specific work aimed at improving the trainees' presence on stage or in public. On a theme chosen by Armande Altaï, the participants recite a poem, excerpts from a play, or improvise among themselves. This very amusing exercise allows the development of presence of mind, ease of speech and of course the mastery of stage fright, essential for stage work.

The voice

With musical support on the piano, the trainees perform vocalizations according to the specific method of Armande Altaï. This method consists in making the voice work by going from the lowest notes to reach the highest notes. The work is done collectively in order to promote stimulation between the trainees because individually these exercises are more difficult to master. The exercises are done in throat voice and in head voice with very advanced work on abdominal control. The objective is to manage to find the correctness of the sounds while relying on different musical notes. These exercises promote the placement of the singer's voice and the development of his musical ear.


After two hours of preparatory training for a practical singing exercise, each trainee is invited by Armande Altaï to perform a song of her choice. During this exercise performed in a cabaret spirit, the trainee, with or without musical accompaniment, is corrected on his interpretation of the song and on his stage attitudes. The trainee sings in front of the other students which puts him in the position of a singer in front of his audience.


Armande ALTAI

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