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It is with the greatest respect for this culture that Daniela offers you a trip into the universe of the deities of the Yoruba pantheon, gods who borrow their character from man, but draw their strength from the elements of nature that they themselves embody: the earth, the wind, the oceans… good and its opposite.

Push the door of the Chopin room to share a sublime moment of dance and theater with Daniela Giacone.

“Traditional dances are in close, total relationship with music: the body becomes an additional and complementary instrument.”

Percussion, dance, song thus form a single language.

In Afro-Cuban dances of Yoruba origin another element is added: theatrical play. Thus the dancer is led to play a given role and he will be able to gradually deliver their own interpretation and develop their personal style.

  • Some elements of the proposed work:
    work on the breath which brings and nourishes the movement and helps to become aware of the balance, the axis and the center of the body, the directions and the relationship to the ground
  • mastery of space
  • listening to the cycle and rhythmic changes
  • global and imitative approach and analytical work to overcome a difficulty of understanding and restitution of the danced gesture
  • work of independence and dosage of energy
  • awareness of the meaning of the gesture, its motivation and knowledge of the cultural context
  • repetition of the movement to “relive the gesture each time as unique” and to renew its intensity


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