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Bachata lessons in Paris

Originally from the Dominican Republic, bachata is a music and a dance drawing its flavor from romanticism and melancholy. The bachata has a very marked sound with percussion and guitar, a characteristic element of this music. Figures and movements are influenced by salsa, tango and other couple dances, with an omnipresent wiggle.

Bachata Fusion class with Latinamor

“I suggest you start dancing bachata without specifying a style, that is to say that you will learn to dance to different music and there may very well be more passes (modern bachata), more styles and body waves ( sensual bachata) or more small steps in music (Dominican bachata) so you can adapt to the music when you go to Parisian “bachata” evenings! “

Discover the Bachata teachers at CDDM

Jean-Claude SITHER

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Valerie STEINER (Latinamor)

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