Dance in rhythm

Want to dance but not the sense of rhythm? Afraid of not knowing but want to learn? Want to be comfortable in a group? Take a dance class without restraint?

Let’s start at the beginning with the “Introduction to Dance” course for Extra Beginners!
This apprenticeship is intended only for people who do not have the sense of rhythmwho have difficulty joining a group and who would like to join any dance class afterwards. Join a course for find joy in dancing , perfecting a technique whatever the course. The basics of the course:

  • work on different musicalities
  • work on the rhythm (strong beat, long beat, double beat)
  • work on different supports
  • practice walking in rhythm
  • the coordination
  • space management
  • directions
  • work on the insulation
  • work in a group (the view of others)

Jean-Michel FRENEA

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