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Free Dance is an artistic current born in the first years of the XNUMXth century – with Isadora Duncan and François Malkovsky – marking the beginnings of modern dance.
Welcome to these dance workshops to discover and experiment with the laws of movement in simplicity and economy of effort. Launch yourself into the search for a suspension and impulses that give vitality and joy! It is a research that is both structuring and precise, listening to the music.

Respecting the logic of the body and the potential of each and everyone, the workshops are accessible to everyone.
Classes are aimed at beginners as well as experienced dancers.

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  • Trailer for the tribute film “Danser libre” to Isadora Duncan and François Malkovsky. Directed by Arouna Lipschitz and Jean-Philippe Neiva
  • Interpretation of Malkovsky's choreographies by Suzanne Bodak (1923 – Chopin's 5th mazurka)


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