Floor bar – Contemporary

The contemporary floor bar is a dance class performed entirely on the floor, in which are chained series of simple exercises, accompanied by music. In dance, we use the term “barre” to designate a series of exercises performed on the spot, as opposed to exercises performed on the move.

The courses seek to favor the pleasure of working and improving, without unnecessary pain, and whatever your level of dance. Students work seated or lying on floor mats. They alternate muscle contraction exercises and stretching exercises in order to relax the body as much as possible and allow it to work “gently”. Breathing is preferred, both in slow exercises and in tonic exercises. The exercises allow, in one class, to work all the muscle groups, taking into account the anatomical characteristics and specificities of each one.

Men and women of all ages, dancers or not, are absolutely all welcome to these classes. Everyone will find, guided by recommendations adapted to their level, sources of personal progress and satisfaction.


Rozenn JACON

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Claire Solomon

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