Floor bar – Classic


The floor bar from the Boris Kniaseff method is a classic and academic floor bar, which allows you to straighten the posture and strengthen the abdominal strap while softening the joints. The objective of this method is to lengthen the silhouette, work on its posture and strengthen its standing support.

Barre classes on the ground, is therefore a series of exercises performed on the floor. These exercises are intended to improve the physical and technical qualities of the dancer :
– positioning and posture (e.g. outside/inside, back and neck posture, parallelism of the knees, etc.)
– flexibility
– kinesthetic sensations (ex: learning to relax the joints to improve flexibility, to dissociate the muscles from each other by using each muscle group wisely…)
– use of breathing

Indeed, when we are on the ground, we largely eliminate the physical and physiological constraints linked to the action of gravity on our body. This allows us to focus our attention on a specific action of our body (the contraction of a muscle, the relaxation of a joint, breathing, etc.), which is more difficult to do when we are standing and We need to control several actions at once to maintain a “good position”.

Report “The Master of the Stars” on the Russian master Boris Kniaseff at the International Academy of Classical Dance in Geneva (1954) produced by Radio Télévision Suisse.


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